Review Policy

If you are a creator or a publisher who has a comic/graphic novel for me to review, great!  I would love to read and review any work that meets the following guidelines

1. It must have YA appeal.  I know, seems obvious, but I have been around too many aspiring creators not to be realistic about how misguided they can be with ambition to get people to read their work.  I consider something to have YA appeal if:

     a) The story/style is on a level likely to be appreciated by 13-18 year olds.  And rather sophisticated 13-18 year olds at that.  I started this blog because I saw too many other comics blogs touting stuff as "YA" that I would have been embarrassed to be seen reading at 10, let alone 15.  That said, I've also seen blogs promoting works that probably require a few decades of life experience and wisdom to truly appreciate.  While there are (no doubt) teenage readers who would still love them, that doesn't make them YA.  Teenage readers are voracious readers, as are adult fans of YA, but when they go to the YA section of the bookstore, they are expecting a certain flavor that they won't find anywhere else.

     b) The story/art is female-friendly.  Most of the YA market is female, and the male readership reads the same empowered, complex female characters as the girls.  Don't tell me your book is YA because your lead is a 16-year-old girl if we see more of her panties than her face.  Sexual content is fine (YA books are full of it!) but know the difference between making your female characters sexual beings rather than sexual objects.

     If you're unsure, study the market.  Go to the YA section of your local bookstore and study the offerings.  Show your work to teenagers in your life and tell them to be brutally honest with you.

2.  I review trades/digests, not issues.  Ideally it would be readily available through typical "bookstore" channels, whether in actual bookstores or even just on Amazon.  That said, sites like Etsy and Lulu are sufficient, as is a publisher's site. Also, I need proof that it's actually published (or going to be soon).  A solicit in Previews is great, but I will just as gladly accept a photo of the hard copies on your kitchen table.  I will not send my readers to you to pay for "pre-orders".  Of course, webcomics have a distinct advantage over all of this rigmarole and therefore have a higher chance of being reviewed.

3.  I gladly accept review copies, either in hard copy or PDF/CBR/CBZ formats.  Sending me a review copy enhances your chance of a review only in the sense that if I don't have to spend my own money on it, you won't have to wait for my budget to allow such a purchase.  Please note that sending me a review copy does not guarantee a favorable review, nor does it guarantee a review, period.  But I will of course exert my best faith efforts to do so.

If you have any further questions or need any clarification about anything, or wish to suggest your book, don't hesitate to e-mail me
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