That Comic You've Heard Of...

There are plenty of comics out there that are not YA that you have probably heard of and are curious about.  Since I probably won't review them here, I figured I should at least say a few words about them since you're here already.  And of course, comment if there's one I've missed.

Watchmen: The big one.  It's dense, but still readable and understandable for the new comics reader, and it's worth it.  Just don't rush it.

V for Vendetta: Great for fans of dystopian fiction.  Significantly different from the movie, and better.

Maus: A towering work of staggering genius.  Exploits the comics form like no other using visual metaphor, portraying Jews as mice and Nazis as cats.  Based on the true life story of the cartoonist's father.

Fun Home:  A solid coming-of-age memoir about a young lesbian and her closeted father.  A bit wordy for my tastes; it seems more "illustrated" than comics for a lot of the time-- but then that may make it a good stepping stone for new comics readers!

Persepolis: Another good coming-of-age memoir, this one during the Iranian revolution.  Has similar "illustrated" feel as Fun Home, though not as frequently and not as wordy.

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