Friday, July 30, 2010

Book Blogger Hop! Follow Friday!

Book Blogger Hop

Adding to last week's Book Blogger Hop, I thought I'd join in Parajunkee's Follow Friday-- hello and welcome to all new people!  Hope you poke around and see something you like (though I'm only a few weeks into this).  Suggestions of all sorts are truly welcome.  Anyway, onto the question Hop question!


Agh, so hard to say-- I've read so many new-to-me writers this year!  I guess I'd have to say Bryan Q. Miller, writer of the new Batgirl series (with the new Batgirl Stephanie Brown!)  He's done such a great job with the character, really developing her as a realistic college freshman who happens to be a superhero, and a Bat at that!  Steph's always been one of my favorite characters, so to have her in the hands of a capable writer who really grasps all of the things I love about her has been immensely satisfying to me.


  1. I just discovered graphic novels in the past year and am enjoying the genre. I found you throgh the Hop and am looking forward to reading more here!

  2. Hi!!!!! I'm a new follower--Just found you through the blogger hop!!! I'm not usually into comics--unless it's cartoons, but I've been totally looking forward to the Scott Pilgrim movie and your review totally sold me!!!! Looks like a fun blog :) Happy Friday!!!!


  3. I'm so jealous you got to see Scott Pilgrim already!!!! It looks AMAZING!!!!!!--And you've definitely got me curious--the next time I'm at the bookstore, I'll take a look for the book form--I'm just so used to reading WORDS--not that I mind occasional pictures...Have you read either Watchmen or the comic version of Twilight??? Those are other ones that I've been curious about, but again, not sure about the format--but I'd love to hear from someone who's read them!!!

  4. Thanks!!!--I will definitely keep a look out--and let you know what I think!!! It's nice to know someone who reads this format--I don't know any of my friends that are into comics--But I LOVE the stories--I always read book adaptations of comics, like The Life and Death of Superman, and there are a couple others super heroes I've picked up in written form...But you've definitely got me curious--FYI, my bookstore is an hour away, but the next time I get down there, Scott Pilgrim is definitely at the top of my list!!! Thanks again--Have a great weekend!!!


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